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"Transplant Communication" web site introduces information on the transplantation in Japan. Information provided here are based on the data and educational material in the series of printed newsletter "Transplant Communication " which had been issued by the Local Organizing Committee of the XVth World Congress of the Transplantation Society, which was held in Japan for the first time in 1994.

In Japan, transplantation from the brain-dead body has just begun in 1997, when the Organ Transplant Law was finally carried out. This web site aims to provide correct information with a view to popularizing the organ transplantation in Japan.

Information in this site is basically in Japanese only, but some parts are translated in English. Following is the index to the English version.

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TCNet Editorial Board makes every effort to provide as correct information as possible, but it does not take the responsibility of the information in this site. If you have any comments, questions or request, please send e-mail to tcn@medi-net.or.jp.

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